Future work on Sanctum should maximise capital efficiency to make it more and more attractive to make long-term deposits into Sanctum.

The upgrade from Uniswap V2 --> V3 --> V4 is an excellent example of public good infrastructure upgrading to give more and more value to the community. We can do the same: for example, moving from a simple pool of SOL to a concentrated liquidity pool, or even a full orderbook.

In addition, Sanctum needs to constantly keep up with a change in the Solana runtime. For example, if slashing is implemented in the future, Sanctum will need to reexamine the stake pool tokens it accepts.

As Sanctum is a decentralised public good, the infrastructure should run on-chain as far as possible, with as large of a bus factor as possible. It also means that the protocol needs to incentivise contributors to work on it for the long term, which means having a method of long-term value accrual and distribution.

Q1 2022-Q2 2023

Q3 2023

  • Audit Sanctum V0
  • Upgrade program to Sanctum V1
  • Set up multisig
  • Launch
  • DAO
  • Begin work on Sanctum V2

Q4 2023

  • Launch Sanctum V2
  • Incentivise ecosystem participants to build on Sanctum